Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Kid Activities - Sand Dough, Puffy Paint & Chalk Spray

Hi y'all! I am busy planning my two oldest kids' birthday party. So far, 30 kids have RSVP'd! It's going to be a BIG party!

Since I have "summer kids birthday parties" on my mind this week, I've been looking for fun kid ideas. Here are a couple I've found that I'm not using for their party, but will definitely be doing with my kids!

I love this idea of sand dough found on Hope Studios (originally published by Family Fun Magazine.) She made a mixture made mostly of sand that can be sculpted and will turn hard.

Sand castles and other creations can be made into kids' works of art to display using this sand dough recipe!

Another activity I know my kids will love is getting dirty using puffy paint! Not only is like finger paint, but it is 3-D! Totally cool! Get the puffy paint recipe from Life In The Dub Lane.

Kids love sidewalk chalk. Moms like me don't love how it gets all over their clothes, hands and face! This chalk spray from Infarrantly Creative sounds like a great compromise! I think my kids might actually like chalk spray more since it comes from a spray bottle!!! They love to squirt things.

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