Friday, September 30, 2011

Scrabble Tile Pillows

There's always something fun about scrabble tiles and these pillows definitely are fun! Just Call Me Martha Stacey made them for her couch! They would be cool on a bed too!

Guest Blogger - My Lil' Pumpkin Patch - Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger

Hey all you Someday Crafts readers! My name is Stephanie and I blog at My Li'l Pumpkin Patch. I am thrilled to be guest blogging for Michelle today. I have been following her blog for quite a while and LOVE it! It is one of those blogs that I check daily, (or most likely, several times a day). Doesn't she have and share the greatest ideas?

I am going to show you how to make this super easy and cute fall door decor today.

But, before I get ahead of myself, let me introduce myself. I am a wife and a mother (to a sweet two-year old, Isaac). I enjoy creating things for my home, family, and others. I am pretty frugal and get a high from finding very inexpensive ways to create. Here are a few of my favorite projects to far:

When I'm not crafting, I enjoy spending time with my family. Some of our favorite things to do are camping, four-wheeling, and watching Netflix (recent fav: American Pickers).

Come visit me at my blog, My Li'l Pumpkin Patch to see my crafts, DIY projects, sewing, scrapbooking, card making, and tutorials! If you have a big craft stash like me, you may also be interested in joining my new "Stache Party." It is a party dedicated to depleting your stash, (AKA making room for more).

The Fall Doorknob Decor I am sharing with you today, I actually made it from things I had in my stash. :)

These are the supplies you will need. I had everything I needed on hand, but if you need any of the supplies, they are very inexpensive.

You will also need some cardstock and letter stickers. As you can tell, these are scraps and leftovers. :) Thank goodness I could spell out the word "fall," since they are almost gone! If you don't have stickers, you could cut out letters or even draw them on.

The first thing you'll need to do is cut a piece out of the hanger that is approximately 12" long. You will be bending it into the shape of a pumpkin.

I started bending at the stem. I used pliers at first, but then discovered it was easier to do the bending with my hands.

Next, I took some floral wire and began wrapping it around one of the raw edges of the stem section.

I wrapped the wire around a whole bunch of times and connected the two raw edges to make one continuous line. It doesn't have to be pretty, because this will be covered up in the end anyway. Just make sure the two ends are held together well.

Put a dab of hot glue on the wire and start wrapping your jute twine. I found it easier to cut a big piece of twine, instead of trying to fit the whole spool through the opening.

Just keep wrapping, wrapping, wrapping (I may have seen Nemo too many times...Isaac loves it). I hot glued every 1/2" OR when the twine started to slide. I also wrapped the twine loosely but pushed it close together so it was fatter to add some volume.

Next I cut out some pennants (can be done with Cricut, Silhouette, or by hand) and stuck my "fall" letters to them. I decided to make the black a little bit bigger to create a nice border.

I tied a bow and then glued in on to the bottom right corner to balance things out and add some more color.

I decided to use a piece of twine to hang this on the door knob. Just take a long piece and loop it through the stem of the pumpkin. It is better to make it too long than too short - you can always trim!

Tie the twine in a bow around the top of the doorknob.

Isn't it pretty? I think it adds such a fun touch. It is so simple and so easy!

I hope you will come visit me sometime!

Thanks for having me, Michelle!

Blogs like My Lil' Pumpkin Patch are some of my favorites because she shows simple, easy and cute ideas all the time. This is one of those projects! Visit My Lil' Pumpkin Patch and say "HI!"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Blogger - Coley's Corner - Wine Glass Lamps

Hi y'all! I am so excited to be guest blogging here at Someday Crafts today!

I'm Coley and my home on the web is called

and I share craft projects, recipes, cool photos, and write about and advocate for children with special needs, most specifically my son Noah who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and is borderline autistic.

A few of my most popular/favorite posts are:

Today I'm going to teach you how to make these fun, easy, and inexpensive wine glass candle lamps for Halloween.

To make this project you are going to need:

2 wine glasses (Check thrift stores and The Dollar Stores to get them cheap.)

2 battery operated candles (I found these at The Dollar Store as well.)

Scrapbook Paper (If you are using 12 x 12 you can get 2 shades out of 1 sheet.)


Glitter Paint

Paint brush

Sticky Strip or Terrifically Tacky Tape

Dimensionals or Pop Dots


What You'll Do:

1. Print out your template and cut it out. Trace it on to the back of your scrapbook paper and cut it out. (You may want to practice on a piece of scrap paper first just to make sure you don't need to adjust the template any to better fit the size of your particular wine glass.)

2. Cut a piece of sticky strip to fit the shade and place it on the back of the scrapbook paper which will be the inside of the shade.

3. Adhere the shade together using the sticky strip.

4. Now comes the fun part - decorate! Cut out a few little spiders out of cardstock. I used my Silhouette to do this but you could free hand them, find one online, or use a sticker. Paint the legs of your spiders with glitter paint just to give them a little shine.

5. Adhere your spiders to your shades using pop dots.

6. Add your candles to the wine glasses and pop on the shades!

So cute!

The great thing is you can easily make more shades to switch them up for different holidays......

Like Thanksgiving or Fall

Or for Christmas!

And don't forget every day!

Thanks Michelle for the opportunity to guest blog and I hope each of you will stop by my blog, Coley's Corner!

I love Coley's Corner. She touches my heart as I read about her son! Coley is an amazing person. I love her crafts and ideas too! You have to go read about her cute son! Check out Coley's Corner!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatever Goes Wednesday #85

Welcome to this crazy day of linky love and blog exploration! I love to see what is new out there in blog land. Get started clicking away to view everyone's creations!

Please stick around and click on at few a links before leaving. Don't be a link-and-run blogger!



Add some beauty and bling to your boring shoes by using shoe clips! There are some amazingly darling clips at ShoeClips.Biz.


The giveaway winner for this beautiful vinyl decal giveaway from Cherry Walls is #23 - JESSIE "I posted this giveaway on fb."

Please contact me to claim your prize.

Visit Cherry Walls to see if there is something they have that you can't live without!


These edible broomstick treats were very popular last week! They would be great for a Halloween party! See how to make them at Mega-Spooky.

This week's tip by Seven Thirty Three - A Creative Blog.

Learn how to make a slideshow of your post images for everyone to see.


Crafting for a Cause

The Crafting For A Cause this month involves sewing cloth/reusuable feminine pads for girls in third world countries who don't have any!!!! Can you imagine? Seriously, get involved in this one!!! Learn more at Ladybird Ln.

I put up a category link party for the theme FALL last week and there are some VERY amazing projects already. There is more time to link and view your fall projects HERE.

You know what to do. Enter your project (up to 4 links), tip, idea, recipe, whatever. Visit others. Leave comments. PLEASE NO ETSY SHOPS! Come back again in the next few days more projects are added throughout the week. Let the fun begin! (Because blogging is not my full-time job, I will not be able to visit every link. I apologize.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yarn Wrapped Gourds

Yesterday, I showed some amazing yarn pumpkins and today I have to show off these spectacular yarn-wrapped gourds!!!!!! I'm in awe of these! Look at the spirals on that pumpkin! And the colors and designs of the other gourds!!!! Wow! Two Shades of Pink walks you through how to make these fabulous fall decor items.

Bat Table Runner, Ribbon Pumpkins and Wall Bats

When there is a post with multiple great ideas, I can't help but highlight them. This post by Miss Lovie shows how to make an adorably spooky bat tablerunner, ribbon pumpkins and glittery bats to hang on the wall/mirror. Three-in-one rocks!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Yarn Pumpkins

How cool are these yarn pumpkins from Everything Under the Moon? They are exquisite! I love how they are made and the yarn that was used. They are perfect!!!

See the yarn pumpkins.

Scrappy Fall Tree Pillow

I love this scrappy fall pillow at Pickup Some Creativity. The fabrics she used look so good together and the stitching adds great detail. That would look so fun on a couch or a chair.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chickenwire Pumpkin

Craftberry Bush has come up with another pumpkin idea I've never seen before. This pumpkin was made using chickenwire!!! Totally cute and totally creative! I also love her wheat stalks made from twine! I wish my brain was creative enough to come up with great ideas like these.

Fall Projects Galore with Point of View

It's time for the monthly Point of View from six talented blogger! I love it when bloggers get together to do collaborations like these. The theme this month is FALL and there are some awesome projects to check out!

Easy ruffled leaf headband from Camilla at Rosy Red Buttons

Awesome silhouette art from Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything

Beautiful candy apples from Michelle at A Little Tipsy

So cute beadboard pumpkins from Amy at Ameroonie Designs

A fall porch design from Jonie at Just Between Friends

Darling wall decor from Stephanie at Always Just a Mom

Delicious and beautiful cookies at Gwenny Penny

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Basket Pumpkins

I love it when I see and idea I've never seen before.

Baby Berry showed off these original pumpkins made from baskets at the Fall linky and I thought they were pretty darn cool! I bet you think the same thing too!

Plush Candy Corns

Wow! That Fall linky party is absolutely rocking! If you haven't checked out the AMAZING ideas there, you must keep scrolling down. I seriously could highlight every one of them!!!! Y'all are crazy talented!

I think there is something so endearing about candy corns! They are just fun to look at! I'm loving these plush candy corns at Sweet Bee Buzzing. The different materials and types of fabrics used makes for a festive basket of candy corns.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Mantle with LOTS of Goodies!

There is so much Fall goodness in this mantle at Tattered & Inked! So mant projects at which to look. Glitter pumpkins, glitter wreath, glitter wood gourds, fall bunting, wood sign, thumb tack monogram and MORE!!! All the glitter ideas are using glitter spray paint! This post connects you to all the tutorials!

FALL Linky!

Welcome to the


Categorically Crafting Show

where you can show off all of your fun projects featuring


To see a bunch of FALL ideas, you can click FALL LABEL HERE.

Please join your crafty post if, and only if, it corresponds with the category and theme of FALL. (If it doesn't fit in this category, please link it up to Whatever Goes Wednesday.) Link up crafts, decor, sewing projects, food, tips, etc, that has to do with FALL. If you have joined a FALL project to a party on my blog before, feel free to add it to this show too! If you have a lot of FALL projects, please choose your favorites. (Please no more than 4 posts per blog). Link to the specific posts, not to your main blog page.

Let's see what you have created (either recently or in the past)!

This linky will be open until THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF OCT. so keep checking back!

You can paste the "Categorically Crafting" button onto your blog post. I would love to see these floating around so more people can post their themed projects. I will leave this linky post open until next CC Show. Keep checking back for more ideas!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Boy Tie

I love it when a little boy will wear a tie. It looks dashing on them. Sharing the Wealth has a tutorial for making the perfect tie for little guys!!!!

Halloween Countdown

October is almost here! I can't believe how fast time flies! Small Fry & Co. made a Halloween countdown for her kids. This could work for any holiday or special event. What a great way to decrease the number of times you hear the question, "How many more days until __(Halloween)__?

Giveaway Directory #74

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Here is your best chance at FREE stuff on the web!!! Join these giveaways!!!!

The giveaway directory is a place to promote a giveaway on your blog of your "goods" (or even someone else's). Link up the giveaway.

If you are looking to win free "stuff," visit the other blogs and enter. It's that easy!!!! Some of these giveaways only have a few entries so your chance of winning is great!

I only leave this link open for 48hrs because giveaways are time sensitive. So if you are going to have a giveaway in the future and want to link it up on Someday Crafts, please plan it accordingly:)