Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp Funk Adoption - Crafting For A Cause (Link up your Cause)

Adoption stories make me cry! I think adoption is such a wonderful thing. I especially love the brave lady who gives her child up for adoption to give him/her a better life. What courage and strength!!!

This month, the Crafting For A Cause is to help the Funk family adopt a sweet little girl who needs a family. Even though they already have 4 kids of their own, they want to bring a child into their family who the love and support that comes from being part of a family. The cost of adoption is very high (over $13,000) and the Funk family is looking for either monetary donations or crafty donations for an auction.

Head over to Ladybird Ln. to read more about the Funk family, this month Crafting For A Cause. There are two parts HERE and HERE.

You can also read about the Funk family on their family blog, Camp Funk HERE.

We feel so blessed to have the family and freedom that we enjoy. We do not have a lot of money at our disposal... but we can craft. That is kind of the idea behind Crafting for a Cause. We hope to showcase you, and simple projects that we can all participate in that will make a difference. We are excited for this journey, and we hope that you will join us! Please join with us in either helping with this cause or share your service/charity project by participating in our monthly linky party. Too often, we all get caught up in our own lives. Let's use blogland as a way of "doing good" for the world and improve it with at least one act of kindness a month.

If you have a service, cause or act of kindness you want others to know about, link it up here to a specific blog post about the good you want to do. Please do NOT link up an Etsy shop or something else to earn money for some material item you want to buy. Exploiting this cause is NOT cool.

Let's put aside our "WANTS" to help others with their "NEEDS."

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