Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remington's Birth Story In PICTURES!

Since today is Sunday, I wanted to share with you something of a spiritual nature. It is the birth of my newest son, Remington. I can't believe he is almost one month old already!!! He's such a good baby. He sleeps so well and rarely cries. I can't cuddle and kiss him enough!!!! I'm smittenly in love with him! We feel so blessed. There is NOTHING like a newborn baby!

For those of you that have been blessed to have given birth, do you remember the first few minutes, few hours, few days with that new baby straight from heaven? When you hold a newborn, can't you feel the love of God and that baby's strong spirit? Birth is such a spiritual event. Overwhelming light, love and joy stream into my soul. The connection I feel with God is so real and tangible. There is no denying a God who helps my body make a perfect baby and then sends a perfect spirit to occupy that body. Everytime I look into my son's eyes or smell his new skin or feel his small, yet strong grasp, my faith in God is renewed and strengthened. The spiritual feelings at my home have flooded in abundantly the past month and I am so grateful for this new baby and the hand of God in my family's life.

I also have a new blessing to count with this birth that I didn't have with my oldest two children. To make a long story short, I was in the right place at the right time (Thank you Lowe's workshops) and was offered something I couldn't refuse. A very kind stranger photographed Remington being born so I could have pictures of this amazing, spiritual experience forever. These are just a few of the 400 photos Ashley took. More touching than the photos is the slide show she put together to the perfect song. I've watched it at least 50 times and I still cry tears of joy and happiness. Everytime I view it, I am brought back to that special, miraculous event and feel that strong spiritual connection.

I hope you enjoy seeing these few photos of one of the most spiritual and reverent moments of my life and sharing this incredible experience with my family and me. May you also feel God's love for each one of us as you look at these amazing photos.

Even my sweet kids felt that special reverence for new life when they first got to meet the baby. They were still and quiet and so in touch with heaven when they held him and looked at him. That labor and delivery room was as spiritual a place as any when the kids were meeting their new sibling!

Please experience the joy and happiness our family has felt for the past 3 1/2 weeks by viewing Remington's birth story in pictures. Don't worry, it is classy and doesn't show anything that would embarrass me (and I'm a private person so that is saying something).

Jada Love Photography HERE and take a look. I love all the details Ashley captured of the day - the clock, the room, the baby and all his delicate features, my family and more. Besides the medical staff, I only allow my husband in the delivery room. But with these pictures, I feel like I can let everyone experience that powerful event with me. My husband's family, who live in Louisiana and Texas, feel like they were here with us to experience the birth. It literally shares his birth story!

My husband and I were not worried about trying to catch every moment of the birth and "firsts" on our cheap camera. We got to enjoy the moment knowing that these precious moments were being taken care of by someone else.

To show my appreciation for this beautiful gift, I'd love it if you left a comment at the Jada Love Photography blog HERE letting Ashley know how this touched you, what a tasteful job she did or whatever you want to say.

I will forever be grateful for Ashley's gift of her time and talents. I highly recommend Ashley's talents of capturing precious moments. She was professional and warm. I hardly noticed she was in the room and didn't see or take any pictures that I would be embarrassed of. If you need a photographer for any occasion, (especially to capture the miracle of birth) please consider her at Jada Love Photography. She is willing to travel. If you live in Utah or surrounding areas, she could capture these sweet experience for you!

Also, I recommend you watch the "featured birth story" in her portfolio on her website. There is something about putting music to this and making it into a slideshow that is especially touching. I wish I had Remington's slideshow ready for you to watch. It might make you cry!

***FYI - This is NOT a paid post. Ashley did not ask me to write this or to endorse her business. I just feel very grateful for this gift and wish all my friends and family could have this same experience. I want to share it with the world.***

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