Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thirty-One Bags $25 Giveaway (And story about my vacation!)

As you may remember, I recently went on a trip to Louisiana.  For the most part, it was very enjoyable!  I ate a ton of great food and had fun with relatives!   There were a few things that put a damper on our trip and one of them happened to be my purse!   Yes, I am in need of a new purse because the one I have had for ages broke.  The strap died and I almost lost it.   

A few hours before our plane was to leave back to Utah, I couldn't find my purse with my photo ID!    It's a longer story than I care to tell, but we found it, rushed to the airport and made it home as planned.   BUT after that panicking experience and our little campout (our family of 5 spent a sleepless night on the hard floor of the Houston airport due to a lovely storm), I came to realize that quality BAGS are an important part of life!

In honor of my nerve-wracking experiences, I introduce Thirty-One Gifts.  Thirty-One Gifts is a direct sales company that provides people with bags, purses, baskets, organizational supplies and more!

A kind Thirty-One consultant named Shannah Coe let me go shopping in her virtual catalog to see how she could help make my life easier and less stressful.   I found A LOT of items I wanted and many that I needed.  Here are just a few!
How cute and feminine is this ruffle mini zipper pouch?   I want....3! 

This sleek and elite skirt purse looks so sophisticated.

You know what is cool about this fitted dark denim purse?  It is the same purse as the previous purse only swapped out with a different "skirt" for a more casual look.  Change the look of your purse with a few snaps!  I love creativity like that.   You don't have to keep emptying the contents of your purse.  You just change the outer shell!  
You are probably wondering what kind of "bag lady" I am.  Well, I am a crossover lady.  I need both hands free to chase the kiddos wherever we go.   This crossover bag rocks because it zips open at the bottom to free up more space for all our "necessities."   This would be MY bag/purse of choice!
Need some thermal totes for camping, picnics, school lunch or work?   Thirty-One carries a ton of different styles and fabrics.

Not only does Thirty-One Gifts carry bags, they offer great collapsible storage cube for home organization.  (Does that mean it will automatically organize my home or guarantee that my kids will put their toys in it?  If so, I need 50 of these!!!)

This basket would be great for a cute way to store magazines, mail, hand towels or toilet paper rolls.  It would definitely make my bathroom look more beautiful and function better.
I could go on and on!!!!!

Shannah is also very kind in letting YOU get in on shopping.   She is giving away a  $25 gift certificate
towards any item(s) from her catalog!  She is going to solve your bag problems too!  

 If you are like me, you never win anything.  So to all of us UNLUCKY people, she is offering
10% off to anyone who emails her with a purchase.  

Additionally, the current customer bonus is a $25 organizing utility tote for only $7 when a you spends $31 or more.

So, let's get shopping with Shannah and make our lives easier! 

To Enter: (leave a comment for each one)
1.  Visit Thirty-One Gifts and leave a comment here about how you would spend the $25.
2.  Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway.

Winner to be announced next Tuesday.

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