Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Blogger - Better Together - Rose Bath Mat

Hi! I’m Angela from
Better Together.
I blog with my two sisters Whitney and Lauren. We created our blog to learn from each other and to help inspire each other to be a little better everyday. You can find a variety of topics over on our blog. We talk about everything from crafting and sewing to cooking and nutrition. We even offer fun exercise tips.

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I am so excited to be here on Someday Crafts to share my new rose bath mat.


Let me show you how to make your own rose bath mat. All of the skills needed to create this were learned in Kindergarten. Seriously, if you can cut and glue than you can make this rug. That is how easy it is to make. As far as materials go for creating this you will need a rug, an old T-Shirt, some felt or fleece, a hot glue gun, and some scissors.


You are going to start by cutting your T-Shirt into 2-3 inch strips.


Then you are going to cut out circles from the felt or fleece. You will cut them in various sizes depending on how big or small you want your flowers to be. Place your circles in the pattern that you would like on your rug. Originally I was going to have three large flowers and five smaller flowers spread across my rug. My husband wasn’t too sure about having a rug full of flowers, plus he was worried that the rug would loose some of its comfort. So we compromised, and I ended up only putting three large circles and three smaller circles on half of the rug. Now we each have our own side of the rug. I think the flowers are just as comfortable, if not more so than the original rug.


Next you will make your flowers. Take your cut T-Shirt strips and start wrapping them around the circle. Once one T-Shirt strip has come to an end, just add another. Keep wrapping the strips around the circle until you have the desired flower effect. Now all the while you are doing this you want to be gluing the strips to your circle.


Just keep making as many flowers as you want for your rug. Like I mentioned before, I went with three large flowers and three small flowers.

Once all of your flowers have been created, then glue them onto the rug.


I love the end result. It looks perfect in my bathroom!


Thanks for taking a look at my new bath mat! Feel free to stop by our blog Better Together for some other fun creations, like this napkin skirt or my new cork clock.


You can even check out our Facebook page. We are offer free printables every month and this month we are offering some free Halloween cake toppers.

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THANKS, Angela.  I'm digging that bath mat.  It is so beautiful and that bathroom of yours is to die for.  Love the exposed brick and clawfoot tub!  The mat is the perfect addition to a gorgeous bathroom.   Visit Better Together today and say HI!!!!

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