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Guest Blogger - Rae Gun Ramblings - Hooded Scarf

Hi, I'm Marissa from

Rae Gun Ramblings.

I blog about all things crafty, tasty, pretty and just plain life.
I'm an insanely huge Harry Potter fan, fresh pasta addict, and
married to a crazy talented musician.
I also run a handmade baby and toddler clothing shop on etsy called
Rae Gun.

Early this year in an attempt to beautify my home, I made a bunch of
pillow cases. They were so quick and easy if you've been thinking of
updating your pillows or maybe changing things up for the Holidays you
should definitely check out my pillow
case tutorial

If you're looking for a delicious, easy and impressive dessert to take
to your next get together you might want to try my recipe for Eclair
. It's beautiful and super yummy. You can also cut it into to
bars and put them into mini loaf papers for convenient serving.

Finally, I'd love to introduce you to my hubby and my cute nieces. One
of my favorite things to do is sew fun (and sometimes goofy) outfits
for them and takes pictures. They are such sports to put up with me.
These are the bulls and matador outfits I made for them last year. You
can even see our own "running of the bulls" video here.
Hopefully you'll swing by my
and shop and see some
of my latest adventures.

Today though I want to share a quick and easy tutorial for how to make
your own hooded scarf. These are great because before things get too
cold you can wear them with a light jacket or cardigan to boost your
warmth. Or if you're anything like me they are the perfect solution to
those adorable, but hoodless winter coats. You can easily make the
pattern for adults or kiddos. This year I think all the guys in our
family will be getting one of these (they can be so hard to shop for).

What You'll Need

  • 1/2 yard fabric for the outside (you can use anything you like)

  • 1/2 yard fleece

  • either a hood piece from a sewing pattern or a hoodie that you can
    trace to make your own hood pattern.

What To Do:

  1. First either find a hood piece from a pattern you have or grab
    your favorite hoodie fold it in half and then trace about an inch
    around it to make yourself a hood pattern. It doesn't need to be
    exact, hoods are really flexible.

  2. Cut two hood pieces and 1 scarf piece (the scarf pieces I cut were
    5 inches by the length of the fabric so in my case 5x44 and 5x 50) out
    of the main fabric and the fleece. Your fleece may be longer than your
    other fabric which is totally fine. If that's the case just lay the
    shorter one on top of the longer one and cut the longer one down so
    they are the same size.

  3. Sew, right sides together the two fabric hood pieces together
    around the curve (the part that would go down the middle of your head.
    Do the same with the fleece.

  4. Try the hood on and see what you think. If you like a more fitted
    hood you can do what I did and sew across the point of the hood on
    each. Do this on a sewing machine so you can unpick if you don't like
    how it looks. Try it on and if you like it with the line sewn across
    cut off the extra nub at the top.This is totally optional but I like
    the shape better.

  5. Now pin the center of the scarf piece to the center seam of the
    hood (right sides together) sew the hood piece to the scarf piece. Do
    the same with the fleece.

  6. You should now have two hooded scarves.

  7. Next pin the two hooded scarves right sides together.

  8. Sew around all the edges leaving one of the skinny ends open.

  9. Right side out out everything.

  1. Close up the hole by tucking the ends under a little and sewing
    close and iron the the hooded scarf (it's best to iron from the main
    fabric side (not the fleece side).

You can wear it wrap style like the top picture, tied, or with the
hood down completely. I sewed a lot of this on my serger but since all
the seams are enclosed you can do it all on a regular sewing machine.
I'd love to know if you try this out and definitely would love to see
pictures. And I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hi.

THANKS, Marissa for this fun tutorial. It is definitely coming upon scarf season and is a great idea to have a hood attached! Love it! Visit Rae Gun Ramblings today and say HI!

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