Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cash For Maternity and $50 Target Certificate Giveaway!!!

The giveaway this week is sponsored by

Cash For Maternity!
What can you win!?!?
A $50.00 Target Gift Card! BOO YEAH!!!

I wish Cash For Maternity would have contacted me about 8 or 9 months ago because I only have three months left in my pregnancy! I would have LOVED to get paid to deliver this baby!!!
I have had a few former co-workers who swear by programs like this. They made money on having their babies!!!! If I would have been smart, I would be collecting a couple THOUSAND DOLLARS in a few months.
Be smarter than me and check this out!


Cash For Maternity has helped over 6,000 clients all over the United States get EXTRA cash for their hospitalizations due to delivery of a baby. These plans have nothing to do with your health insurance, they are just supplemental plans (ie: Aflac and other companies like it) that pay a set amount of $ based on how many nights you stay in the hospital to deliver the baby.

5 easy steps:
1. Visit the
CashForMaternity website and leave your info
2. They call you and tell you which plans are available in your area and then email you ALL the info
3. Sign up
4. Start trying
5. Have a baby and collect your $$$ in the mail from each company you signed up with.

Their slogan is- no one ever wants to be hospitalized, but there are a few times in life where you are actually HOPING to be hospitalized in the next 12 mos- when you are planning to try to have a baby! Call Cash For Maternity before you get pregnant, and cash in on maternity coverage!

Here's how you enter to win the

$50.00 Target gift card:

1. Visit CashForMaternity and watch the 1:41 second video about the company (And checkout the payout prices at the bottom).

2. Blog about this giveaway.

3. Tell a friend/person who you know may want to become pregnant soon about CashForMaternity.


dollar daisies
The winner to the Dollar Daisies giveaway is:
#44 - Cara!

Please contact me to claim your prize.


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