Friday, March 25, 2011

April's Fool Day Ideas!

Welcome to the April Fool's Day

Categorically Crafting Show

where you can show off all of your practical jokes for April's Fools!

April Fool's Day is next week. What do you plan on doing? I have yet to decide, but I've seen a few really cunning and fun ideas. I have found 3 posts on April Fools Day ideas. They have some ideas in common and some that are different.

Check out all four and decide who you are going to fool and how!!!


These are just one of eight practical jokes found at Texas Monkey. You'v got to see the other six!!!!


I love the practical joke food ideas because the food is definitely not what it seems. Check out six ideas from The Idea Room.


A parking ticket is one of six ideas found at Love, Actually.


And there are twelve more April Fool's Jokes at Tip Junkie to see.



Because I would love to see more ideas (and probably some of you want to see more) Feel free to link you idea to share or if you don't have a post up, leave it in the comments. The more, the merrier!!!! I know this is early to post April Fool's Jokes so you can repost a joke from the last year or two!!!!

Please join your crafty post if, and only if, it corresponds with the category and theme of April Fool's Day. (If it doesn't fit in this category, please link it up to Whatever Goes Wednesday.) Link up crafts, decor, sewing projects, food, tips, etc, that has to do with April Fool's Day. If you have joined a April Fool's Day project to a party on my blog before, feel free to add it to this show too! If you have a lot of turkey projects, please choose your favorites. (Please no more than 4 posts per blog). Link to the specific posts, not to your main blog page. Let's see what you have created (either recently or in the past)!
You can paste the "Categorically Crafting" button onto your blog post. I would love to see these floating around so more people can post their themed projects. I will leave this linky post open until AFTER April Fools so you can link up after you post. Keep checking back for more ideas!!!

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