Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Party Highlights

There are definitely some amazing projects linked up to today's party! Wow! Here are a few I'm loving. I will have to do another post tomorrow with more!!!!

Girl In Air is the bomb!!!! She created these funky looking book shelves/ cubbies from a cement form and some shutters! I love the circular look of the shelves!

I'm loving how Next 2 Nothing painted this mosaic-type wall for her daughter's bedroom! I think it looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see how she decorates it!!!

It's got my mind thinking about painting a wall for my son's room with all my leftover paint!!!!

I'm cuckoo about 2x4 crafts! The darling 2x4 bunnies at Mama's Life are no exception!!!

Life at Fire Lake Camp looks heavenly. I'd love to have a hanging bed like this one. (But I bet my kids would love it more than me!!!) While you are hanging around at Life At Fire Lake Camp, check out this beautiful old garden fence made into a railing. Awesome!
Attempting Aloha made a small wall of shadowboxes filled with a beach theme. This cute idea she received with inspiration from Ballard Design.

Or perhaps, you would like a wall of mirrors instead! These mirrors were bought at the dollars store! Great look at Shoestring Pavillion for cheap!

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