Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Name My Child!!!!! HELP!

Many of you have left comments or emailed me asking how my pregnancy is going or how much longer I have left until I burst! Well, I have about ONE month left. Next appointment, I schedule which date I am going to be induced! CRAZY!!!!

You are wondering what I look like? Here I am last week at a wedding!

Yikes! I'm huge and I still have a month!

I am definitely ready to have this baby out of my body, but I am not ready to have a third child! I don't know how I am going to handle 3 kids! What was I thinking! (In case you were wondering, the baby's room is still in sheet rock!!!!)

Anyway, since I threw a gender reveal party and announced to you that I was having a boy, I decided I needed your help in naming my son. We don't have a name yet! I have a name I like, but I still have many doubts about it.

These are my two kiddos! They are my pride, joy and happiness! They are usually so good to each other! Best friends. I hope they always stay this way!!!! My son feel asleep on my daughter's legs in the picture below! So sweet!

Unintentionally, my husband and my daughter ended up with the same initials. I didn't even realize it until we were thinking about names for our son and my husband said he would love to stick with the same initials.


I already had a "C" name I liked for our son and went for it.

Now, with a third child coming soon, I am feeling like I should stick with the RCJ initials. It is just expected now!

So here is where I need your help. Leave me a comment with an "R" and a "C" name. The more, the merrier. If I use one or both of your names, I will post your blog button on my sidebar for a couple of months! I would love to see A LOT of names!!!!

And I wanted to leave you with the latest picture of our family at the wedding!

R and C names, please!!!!!

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